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G & P Unlimited Co. (GPUNLTD)- is an Unlimited Lifestyle Brand and Urban Christian Clothing Company that is an acronym that stands for Get-up and Pursue.  We are a catalyst urban renaissance culture of people who seek to impact the world and release our Pearls of Possibilities. A coup d'état of the limitless and fearless! Our urban brand and Christian Clothes are an iconic symbol for the disruptive activist, artist, hipster, clergy, Christian motivational speakers, civic leaders, educators, entrepreneurs,  innovators and minimalist who serve the urban commuity. A radical Messianic expression of Avodah - harmonious life of work, worship and service.

In twenty years, GPUNLTD has evolved into a premier urban Christian clothing company. We are a Messianic movement that blends style, urban adventure, soul, expression, consciousness, black history and just about everything you might have never linked to an Urban Christian Clothing Company into unique products and services. We carry and produce an assortment of branded Urban Christian Clothes, Christian Hip-Hop, Christian EDM, Beard Oil, Fragrances, Books, Christian Media and Urban Podcasts. We also host signature GPUNLTD Events and conferences. With everything that we do, we inspire to bring life-changing encounters and transformational experiences to the urban community and to HBCU.  At GPUNLTD our goal it to be relevant, real, powerful, informative and persuasive. We aim to be bold, radical, and a revolutionary! Our lifestyle brand is focused on community activism, education, economic development in the urban community and historically black colleges and universities. Join us and leave your mark, because together we are living unlimited lives to leave an unlimited impact.

GPUNLTD-An Urban Christian Clothing Company and Lifestyle Brand 


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The Torah-Part 3-Genesis 1

The Torah-Part 3-Genesis 1 After laying the foundation for the Torah Study, K.A. Perkins begins his line by line study of the Torah. In Genesis chapter 1, K.A. Perkins unfolds some essential truths about how to identify the God of the Torah. While distinguishing from the illuminating presence of the Most High as the...

Torah Study Reflection-Church vs. Community

Torah Study Reflection-Church vs. Community Author and Teacher, K.A. Perkins, discusses the communal perspective of understanding the Torah. K.A. Perkins answers a question regarding what The Most High intended for establishing – a church or a community of believers. K.A. Perkins explores Matthew 16:18 and uncovers the meaning of “church” in this text. It...

The Torah-Part 2-Conspiracy

GPUNLTD Presents- The Torah-Part 2-Conspiracy The Most High came to fulfill the teachings of the Torah, not to replace them. It was not  The intention of The Most High to create a new religion or establish the “Church” with the birth, death, burial, and resurrection of the Messiah. He came to fulfill that which...


SIFTED LIKE WHEAT, But I Prayed! Luke 22:24-34 In this teaching, K.A.Perkins delivers an encouraging and inspiring word of hope for those in the midst of their season of testing and trials. While the enemy desires to sift you or to try you, the Messiah himself has already prayed for you. You will be...

The Torah-Part 1-Introduction

GPUNLTD Presents- Lion Lifestyle-The Torah-Part 1-Introduction Imagine being released from ann institution of slavery which stole from you your name, your heritage, and your culture. You are given freedom, yet your identity has been stolen and the life you once knew is now foreign. Author and Teacher K.A. Perkins introduces the Torah Series and...

Remember Your Special Moment

Special Moments Life is comprised of unique memories which make it worth living. There are many treasured minutes that are missed because we don’t take the opportunity to live. We should open our hearts and minds to special moments. This is an ambient chill track that will take you on that journey to remember...

Holding Hands

Holding Hands Holding hands might be a little thing, yet it holds a considerable measure of importance as a signal in a loving relationship. … The arousing quality in touching hands and stroking fingers is like kissing, and it can be a profoundly suggest signal when you are enamored with somebody. This melodic piece...

Boire De L’eau – Drinking Water

Boire De L’eau- Drinking Water It’s a well-known fact that water is vital. Without it, all of us would die within a few days. Along these lines water frequently is artistic components that serve as a symbol of life. Boire De L’eau is a dubstep EDM cleansing that takes you on a soulful journey...

HURTFUL HABITS-Unbroken Chains of Impulsivity

Unbroken Chains Of Impulsivity A youngster showed to me his $200  pair Jordans, minutes after the fact he disclosed to me he was trusting that his mom would discover a place to live since they were recently evicted. Maybe an issue with Impulse control? Maybe it’s conceivable that our rash conduct and our need to...

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